Long-term care

Unplanned medical expenses have an adverse effect on your bottom line. Long-term Care Insurance (LTC) protects against the cost of long-term care, which is not covered by an employee’s health insurance. Although premiums of LTC have risen in recent years, Midsouth is determined to find the best coverage that meets our client’s benefits goals while maintaining low costs.

Today, about 40% of individuals receiving long-term care are between the ages of 18 to 64. This makes LTC is an increasingly important aspect of benefit programs because age is not a determining factor. Due to the fact that people requiring care are unable to perform many activities of daily living, coverage generally includes home care, assisted living and hospice care. Long-term care programs give employees added security from unfortunate and unplanned illnesses. Additional benefits of LTC are:

  • Not having to rely on children or family members for support in covering our-of-pocket expenses
  • Premiums paid may be eligible for income tax deductions
  • Unlike programs like Medicaid, care can be provided in a home setting or private assisted living facility.

Midsouth Benefits is always prepared with a proactive approach to dynamics of today’s benefit programs.  Influences such as health care reform, medical advances, aging population and shifting costs have affected your efforts to provide competitive and cost effective plans. We face your challenges head on and in turn provide your employees with programs that meet your insurance goals. Gain an experienced partner in benefits planning.

For more information about our long-term care benefits, please contact us by email, or at 770.579.7099.


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