Executive Benefits

Employee benefit regulations prohibit discrimination in favor of shareholders and key employees.  In fact, these same regulations limit the benefits that cover employees that are highly compensated.  But there are separate, non-qualified plans for key executives that provide valuable benefits needed by shareholders, partners and senior corporate managers.

Working with shareholders and partners for over twenty-four years has given Midsouth Benefits valuable experience in business succession planning and executive benefits planning.  Your objectives are always our primary concern.  Our independent advisory capacity allows us to tailor a plan for your shareholders, partners or senior management that provides maximum value to these key executives.

Our confidential fact finding interviews take a small investment of your time but are the basis of designing a plan that meets your objectives.  Our client centered approach to customized financial products will provide very favorable returns over the years to come.


Life insurance can provide a lump sum benefit for the loss of a family member, key employee or business partner.  When designed properly, the proceeds from a life insurance policy can help your beneficiary to reach a long term financial goal that would have otherwise been unattainable due to your death.  Whether you are looking to protect your spouse and children, your business partner(s), or the heirs of your estate, having life insurance can provide you with peace of mind knowing that even when you are gone, your financial obligations will still be met.   

Life insurance proceeds enjoy a unique tax-advantage and can deliver income tax free liquidity very efficiently.  And today’s life insurance contracts can be structured and tailored to meet each individual’s circumstances and needs.

At Midsouth Benefits, we work with businesses, individuals and estate owners to assess their immediate and long-term financial needs, and then we work to develop a life insurance contract that is suitable.  Being an independent agency, our focus is on representing the client rather than any one insurance company.  This allows us to take a more consultative and objective-driven approach to our work.


The Council for Disability Awareness (CDA), 2010 Consumer Disability Awareness Study shows that 90% of Americans drastically underestimate their chances of becoming disabled.  Claims statistics show that a healthy 35 to 45 year old male has a 1 in 6 chance of being disabled before retirement, whereas 90% of those surveyed estimated the chances were less than 1 in 33.

At Midsouth Benefits we understand the importance of protecting your income and we include disability planning in ALL our risk management assessments.  The severity and frequency of disability claims can vary significantly from one disability plan to the next, based on the demographics of the group and the benefit plan design.   This means that having in place the most appropriate and effective disability insurance plan design is mandatory for businesses and individuals.

We can help employers implement the right group disability plan for their employees, both as a base disability plan and/or as a supplemental disability plan.  For the partners and shareholders of a closely held corporation, we can assist with the placement of both Buy-Sell and Key Man Disability Plans.  We also work in the specialty markets and can write excess disability policies for those high income individuals within the firm, or any individual looking for a personal disability policy. 

Midsouth Benefits has been designing and implementing disability insurance plans for over 23 years.  Our focus is on the economical transfer of risk to help our clients obtain maximum leverage for their disability insurance premiums.

For more information about us, or about our executive benefits, please contact us by email, or at 770.579.7099.


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