What We Do

We are a full-service brokerage and consulting firm. Although the majority of work that we do will focus on Employee Benefits, we also provide services in the areas of Executive Benefits, Estate Planning and Individual Medical.

Choosing the right broker is a very important and sometimes difficult process. Below are just a few of the reasons why we think you should choose Midsouth Benefits as your employee benefits broker.

Increase Value, Not Cost
We understand that providing the best possible value and service to your employees is important; especially because benefits are a considerable part of most compensation packages.

While some brokers are only focused on working with the employer, we believe that the ability to work with your employees is equally as important. We will meet with your employees on a group basis or one-on-one. We will act as their advocate to resolve claim issues. And we provide clear and professional benefit summaries, enrollment material, wellness communications, educational newsletters and other resources to help keep your employees engaged in the decisions they make that will impact the benefits you provide.

Knowing What It Is Really All About
It is no longer simply about providing employees with the basic life, disability, medical and retirement benefits; we understand this. The demographics of your workforce represent its own unique insurance needs. After evaluating your employee demographics, we can help you structure a benefits program that truly IS a benefit to your employees, thus increasing the value in your benefits while decreasing your cost.

Education, Education, Education - We Can’t Say It Often Enough
No matter how great you think your benefits are, employees simply will not appreciate them if they don’t understand them. The educational materials we provide will do everything from helping employees see the value in their benefits, (i.e., understanding the benefits and how to use them), to teaching them how to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Employees educated on the importance and accessibility of preventive care may be less likely to incur hospital bills which result from leaving conditions untreated. This in turn saves you money.

For this reason, we not only help you develop the appropriate benefit plans, but we also help you develop the strategy, method and material for communicating those benefits.

Your Partner in Benefits Planning
We have over 80 years of combined experience in servicing firms of all sizes – from just a few employees to several thousand. Benefit plans are complex, often requiring a risk management approach that our varied technical and financial backgrounds utilize, thus providing you with the most effective results. Experience has taught us how to interface with the different disciplines often involved in the planning and implementation of the benefit plans. This typically includes, but is not always limited to, the human resources, accounting and financial departments.

Midsouth Benefits is extremely proactive during the design, implementation and ongoing servicing of your benefit plans. We develop a joint strategy with you based on your objectives. We keep you apprised of developing trends and options that may enhance your benefit plans while ensuring that your premiums and plan design remain in line, yet competitive within the marketplace.

Most importantly, we strongly believe in the importance of listening to your objectives, and paying strict attention to every detail. Part of that process is to analyze your historical data and compare the results with your objectives. These steps provide us with the insight needed to begin the planning process long before your next plan renewal date.

What You Should Expect From Your Insurance Broker
Your broker shouldn’t stop at obtaining competitive quotes for coverage and handling claims issues—you should expect more.

Midsouth Benefits goes above and beyond, providing quality service throughout the year, not just to the employer but to the employees as well. We have the experience and capability to provide you with customized employee communication materials, access to HR educational resources and tools, professional seminars and webinars for management and employees, as well as detailed claims data analysis and plan design recommendations. We have all the tools necessary to make your benefits goals a reality.

The bare minimum just doesn’t cut it anymore—get what you really need from your insurance broker.

You Have Real Issues; We Have Real Solutions
We understand the dynamics of today’s employee benefits programs. With the myriad of influences which contribute to their constant change and evolution - such as health care reform, medical advances, health issues, an aging population, cost shifting, plus your efforts to provide competitive, cost effective plans – we meet these challenges to bring you practical, real solutions to your real benefit issues.

For more information, please contact us by email or at 770.579.7099.


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