Program Implementation

We work alongside your Human Resources staff to ensure that you and your employees have a smooth, efficient and successful enrollment. We will partner with you throughout the implementation period, providing guidance and support in a multitude of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Determine the appropriate enrollment method (e.g., paper versus online, etc.).
  • Help you develop the appropriate tone and message that you want to convey to the employees when implementing a new benefit and during any open enrollment period.
  • Evaluate the best method for communicating these messages to your employees.
  • Create communication material for all benefit and cost changes, enrollment requirements, wellness initiatives or other educational information.
  • Participate in or take the lead in all Benefit Fairs, Lunch-n-Learn sessions, webinars, Q&A Drop Bys, or other scheduled meetings.
  • Address any questions that you, your HR staff and your employees or their family members might have regarding the benefits.
  • Track the collecting and submission of enrollment data to the carrier(s) or vendor(s) until information has been successfully loaded within their system.
  • Review contracts, policies and certificates of coverage issued by the carrier or vendor for accuracy
For more information about our implementation process, contact us by email, or at 770.579.7099.


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