This is an easy one; and pretty much what you will receive from any broker out there. But the reality is, the marketing of your benefits plan is step number three or four in a six step program. So if you’re not getting the before and after steps, you’re not getting much at all from your insurance broker.

After completing our review of your existing benefits program and developing a strategic plan, we will focus on marketing your individual benefit plan(s) as appropriate. This is where we request proposals from the insurance companies or third party administrators based on a specific outline of services, benefits and administrative provisions; all of which are designed to meet your objectives.

All proposals will be reviewed and analysed based on the carrier or vendors proposed benefits, costs, reporting capabilities, administrative provisions and value-added services. Before presenting you with our recommendation, we will have worked and negotiated with each recommended carrier or vendor to ensure that we are presenting you with their best possible offer.

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