Group Voluntary Benefits

At Midsouth Benefits we coordinate voluntary benefits offerings that are supplemental, appropriate, effective and provide maximum value and coverage for employees. Midsouth Benefits performs due diligence studies of the contracts being sold to ensure the employer limits unnecessary and inefficient policies being passed through. Typically employees do not understand the technical aspects of insurance and rely on the enroller to explain, summarize and communicate the benefits being offered.

“Ask about this insurance at work…” is a catch phrase used by the insurance companies marketing voluntary insurance plans at the worksite. The “no cost” to employers and the “ease of payroll deductions” has contributed to the dramatic growth of voluntary benefits sold to employees.

Voluntary benefits have been very well received by employees, giving them the feeling of empowerment to make an insurance decision based on their own personal needs. As opposed to the Employee Benefit Plans provided by an employer, which often gives the employee very few choices in the insurance coverage options. The employees tend to buy too much of the wrong coverage as an exercise of their freedom to choose.

Midsouth Benefits makes certain that employees have the best and most appropriate plans to choose from, at modest payroll deductions, and we provide education and awareness on what each benefit plan offers. Many times we will advise and educate employees to contribute more to their retirement plans rather than purchase additional insurance, as a long-term end result that is equi-beneficial.

By allowing Midsouth Benefits to perform due diligence and make recommendations on their company wide voluntary benefits offerings, the employer can rest assured that they are giving their employees the opportunity to purchase financially sound, cost effective and valuable coverage.

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