Education and Resources

We understand that you and members of your administrative staff wear many hats and that benefits administration can be overwhelming in today’s economic environment, where budgets are tight and time is short. At Midsouth Benefits we place a strong emphasis on attention to detail and customer services; we want you to depend on us to help handle the administrative workload. Our aim is to be your most valuable resource.

We will communicate regularly with you and your staff and provide valuable resources at no additional cost in addition to the standard insurance services. Depending on the size of your firm, you may have the option to use our electronic enrollment system. We can provide you with access to an online HR Resources website, including a national HR Community Chat Room. We provide legislative updates on topics that we think may be of interest to you or certain to impact your plan. Periodically throughout the year we will offer free webinars on various topics, such as HIPAA, Health Care Reform, Wellness Plans, etc. We also engage the services of attorneys and HR Specialists as needed, to provide clients with expertise addressing specific complex legal and compliance issues.

For more information about our valuable resources, contact us by email, or at 770.579.7099.


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